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Avatars of Legends is looking for dedicated players (18+ yrs) that are interested in joining a quickly growing guild focused on serious gaming. We are a group of players that enjoy doing things together with guildmates or allies. Be it grouping, questing or raiding, we are always on the move!
We prefer active daily players and are in need of most classes. Players that are willing to work towards our goals of Progression Raiding will find AoL a great place. We do offer a home for the more casual types as well, as there are no mandatory attendence requirements, but we do hope all members support the guild in our endeavors.

We are primarily an (EST) Time Zone player base, although several of us are scattered all over the world. We are currently hitting x2 and x4 content with our alliance partner. If you are looking for a guild that has a drama free atmosphere and desire focused raiding with compitent players, please look us up in-game to talk to a guild recruiter today!


Tormax falls

anditron3000, Nov 9, 11 12:21 AM.

How the mighty have fallen. Tormax and his minions stood no chance once we figured out how to move... back and forth. Much harder than it sounds, trust me.

Modfrost Madness

anditron3000, Oct 29, 11 12:42 AM.

On a Monday prep raid, we were getting the strat down on Modfrost and accidentally killed him to death. OOPSY!

Come on, Eireen!

anditron3000, Oct 29, 11 12:42 AM.

The defeated dragon faded away leaving the warriors with no trophy for their kill..thanks Braoka :)


Kraytoc Killingfrost ... stood no chance.

anditron3000, Oct 29, 11 12:42 AM.
We slaughtered Kraytoc, where he stood.

Supreme Imperium Valdemar... DEAD!

anditron3000, Oct 22, 11 12:53 PM.
This is why we can have nice things, because we murder giants and take what we want. The Idol is next... stay tuned.

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